The First and Only Book of Sack


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Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Steve Sack has entertained and provoked readers of the Star Tribune since he drew his first cartoon for the newspaper in 1981.
This collection — published as part of the Star Tribune’s 150th anniversary — is just a sampling of Sack’s brilliant work over the past 36 years.

“I read the paper, I crack a joke and I draw a picture,” he told a reporter when he won the Pulitzer in 2013.

That’s the kind of humility you might expect of a native Minnesotan, but it’s not that simple. The Pulitzer judges described his winning portfolio as a “diverse collection of cartoons, using an original style and clever ideas to drive home his unmistakable point of view.”

Sack arrives at work every day facing a blank canvas, or in his case, a blank iPad.  After several hours of reading, sketching and writing, he produces a work of art that represents his view of the news of the day.

We’re proud to showcase that work in this book, and on the opinion pages of the Star Tribune.

Scott Gillespie
Editor of the Editorial Pages, Star Tribune

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