Illustration by Nuri Ducassi, 18×24

This poster, which is part of a 12-poster series, is an homage to “the North Star state’s great display of the products of the earth and air, the outpouring of the horn of plenty into the lap of Minnesota’s loyal people,” as the Minneapolis Tribune wrote in 1896.

Roasted corn dipped in butter and dusted with salt — it’s a summer taste that makes you want to break out in song and dance (maybe the sambaor the Floss). The Corn Roast at the State Fair plows through about 25 acres of corn a year, and brought in $822,000 in sales last year. If you’re craving an ear, the farm that supplies truckloads of corn for the fair, Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm , is selling its bounty at farmers markets around the metro area. Of course, corn isn’t the only produce to command attention at the fair. Green beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and the monster pumpkins and squash all take their turn beneath the judges’ keen eyes. An 1871 report from Mower County found the fair’s vegetable department “perfect in every detail. The potatoes were most magnificent … all the other bulbous plants were equally fine, while the Pumpkins, Squashes and Cabbages looked as if Nature herself, taking an interest in the Fair — had labored to bring forth the choicest objects of her maternal care.” Here’s hoping Nature is smiling on your backyard bounty this year.

Each poster is printed on-demand on heavy quality photo paper. Posters will arrive in 10-14 days.