Illustration by Nuri Ducassi, 18×24

This poster, which is part of a 12-poster series, is an homage to “the North Star state’s great display of the products of the earth and air, the outpouring of the horn of plenty into the lap of Minnesota’s loyal people,” as the Minneapolis Tribune wrote in 1896.

Though we can’t jam together at the fair this year, the crowning and carving of Princess Kay of the Milky Way went ahead, with Brenna Connelly of Byron, Minn., beginning her reign last month, and artist Gerry Kulzer carving her likeness in a huge block of butter. This has been going on since 1954, when “a brown-eyed 4-H girl with bangs” named Eleanor Maley became the first Princess Kay. “For the record, the 15 Minnesota dairy maidens are all adept at milking,” the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune pointed out that year. All the finalists for princess also get to take home their butter heads plus the shavings, where it’s put to good use, from corn feeds to baking. “It made really good cookies. … Maybe it was the princess magic in them,” said Krista Sheehan, a finalist in 2005. The butter royalty promote dairy across the state, explaining as they go “Why Minnesota Is So Justly Famed as a Great Dairy State,” as the St. Paul Globe reported in 1890.


Each poster is printed on-demand on heavy quality photo paper. Posters will arrive in 10-14 days.