Vanishing North


Minnesota species at risk of extinction, and the people dedicated to saving them.

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Star Tribune documents the biodiversity crisis and the people struggling to head off extinction for Minnesota’s most vulnerable animals and plants.

Vanishing North is as much about people as it is about species. The forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes and wetlands of Minnesota have provided a rich tapestry of life for all of us, and Star Tribune readers now know about some of the people dedicated to saving it for future generations.

ISBN: 9798218147556
120 pages

Project editor: James Eli Shiffer
Reporting: Jennifer Bjorhus, Greg Stanley
Data reporting: Jeff Hargarten
Copy editing: Catherine Preus, Sarah Doran
Photography: David Joles, Brian Peterson
Photo editing: Kevin Martin
Graphics: Yuqing Liu, C.J. Sinner
Design: Madalyne Bird, Joe Rull, Greg Mees, Josh Penrod
Audience engagement: Nancy Yang, Sara Porter

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