Saving Bobbi



Saving Bobbi

One girl’s descent into the world of child sex trafficking.

Child sex trafficking in Minnesota has been largely hidden by the digital age. But it’s there — in big cities, small towns and rural areas. Bobbi Larson was just 17 when she was ensnared in this damaging marketplace, where pimps target vulnerable kids, luring them with attention, drugs, a place to stay. Now a young adult, Bobbi and her family decided to tell her story to try to help other girls avoid the trauma she endured. Even as she was being bought and sold, an unusual collection of Minnesotans — prosecutors, Catholic sisters, a billionaire hotel company executive, formerly prostituted women, advocates, truckers and cops — were taking aim at dismantling the seedy networks of websites, pimps and johns. Their efforts have put Minnesota in the vanguard of states intent on ending sex trafficking of children.


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