How to Talk Minnesotan Book



As writer for A Prairie Home Companion and founder of the Minnesota Language Systems (and not surprisingly, the author of this book), Howard Mohr would say, “It’s a good deal…don’t stick out like a sore thumb when you visit Minnesota! A week or two of study and people will think you’ve lived in Minnesota all of your life…and so will you!”

Learn how to refuse food three times before accepting it. Discover the difference between, “not too bad a deal” and “a heckuva deal.” Find out how to reduce travel anxiety with the all-purpose reaction: “It could be worse.” Complete with authentic Minnesota dialogue in easy-to-follow lessons.

Published by Penquin Books, this 5.5 X 7.5″”, 221 page softcover book is indeed a, “pretty good guide book!”

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Set of Four, One of Each, Blue-Gold Medal Sign, Red-Grain Belt Sign, Green- Foshay Building, Purlple-Dove